MOnika CAvojska ;**

So lets start from the beginning...My name is MOnika Cavojska...I was born in Iam fully slovak, because both of my parents are slovak...I go to the British International School Of Cracow and I really enjooy it.....Iam kind of optimistic person in some ways...but mostly.

I really love Mc Donald's and KFC, because you can get there a nice and crunchy chicken with delicious french fries. My favourite colours is blue. My favourite group is Red HOt Chilli Peppers because I really love the singer Anthony Kiedis and my favourite songs are Hump De Bump and Snow. I have green eyes and brown hair. My favourite animal is  a rabbit. When i grew up i would like to became a vet, because i really really really love animals. I love my friends!!! And i love my dog. 

My favourite place for going on holiday is Croatia beacause of the warm weather and the sea because i love diving and to swim. My Favourite shops are : h&m, Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Gate, Terranova and C&A. At the moment i go to the British International School of Cracow. I pretty like this school, because some teachers are funny, especially Mr. Gambrill and Mr. Huges. My favoutrite lessons is Maths.

At the moment I am 14 years old. My birthday is on the 27.12. I was born in 1993.  I will turn 15 in December,which I already said. But just to remaind you. My favourite vegetable is carrot and my favourite fruit is lemon. I love cofola and lemonade. Some of my hobbies include: swimming, cycling, roller-blading,ice-skating and diving. My favourite celeb actress is Jennifer Lopez because i think that she is beautiful. And my favourite celeb actor is Zac Efron because i like his hair style.

My favourite holidays are the summer holidays because they last for 2 months and you don't have to do any home-work and we go on vacation. I love my best friends Zuzana and my even BETTER friend EVA because SHE IS THE BEST AND THE MOST HOTTEST GORILLA IN THE ZOO!!! hehe such a nice expression. Its an inside joke that i have with my hairy gorilla friend :PPP. i love her and always will no matter where she is from even from 1000000 countries i want her to slovak because SLOVAKIA is the best but she better than that. Hehe Eva wrote that for me...:D:D:D

the end!! :D:D:D